Importance of secure software in digital transformation

By Barry Derksen|juli 15, 2020

Whether or not you’ve heard of the term digital transformation, you can guarantee those around you have been talking about it since the 1990s when the dot com bubble was at full speed.

Roughly 30 years later, worldwide spending on digital transformation initiatives amounts to over two trillion dollars as of 2019.

Nowadays, the world is changing faster than you can imagine. With the rise of technologies like the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud, blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR), computers and digital technologies have become a core component of business.

The need to innovate and transform is a necessary part of being competitive in the market. This is where digital transformation comes in.

To put it simply, digital transformation is a process of implementing and using new and fast-changing digital technology to solve problems and improve business practices.

This can look like cloud computing to reduce hardware or the use of automation to reshape the workplace. Technology can be integrated into all areas of business.

But this transition is not only technical. The company culture and people within your business need to adapt and be open to experimenting in order to successfully incorporate new technology.

Digital transformation fundamentally challenges the way businesses to provide value for their customers. Even though it involves loads of data and new technology, a customer-centered approach is ultimately what will drive your business forward.

Successful digital transformation, when carried out correctly, allows companies to launch, analyze, and adjust digital initiatives that help it adapt to the changing market conditions and better meet customer needs.

Software engineering is at the base of all modern technology, and it is a necessary part of the digital transformation conversation.

Its duty is to bring the ideas of new-age technology to life and make sure that not only is it functional and can drive growth but that such technology meets ethical standards and maintains a positive impact.

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